I.3HAF 2017 Paint­ing Com­pe­ti­tion

The 3 Har­bours Arts Fes­ti­val here­by referred to as (3HAF) will hold a com­pe­ti­tion dur­ing the 2017 Fes­ti­val. Appli­ca­tion forms will be avail­able in some venues dur­ing the fes­ti­val and from our web­site. See the online or paper ver­sion of the 3HAF 2017 brochure for details.

II. The Prize

£100 payable by cheque. Only one prize is avail­able with the win­ner as select­ed by the 3HAF judge(s).

There will be one win­ner, and the win­ning entry will be fea­tured with recog­ni­tion in the 2018 fes­ti­val brochure.

Entrees and their sub­mit­ted art­work will be pre­sent­ed pub­li­cal­ly.

Prize must be accept­ed as award­ed with­out sub­sti­tu­tion and is not, in whole or in part, assign­a­ble or trans­fer­able.

Any and all trav­el costs relat­ed to a person’s atten­dance at the fes­ti­val, includ­ing, but not lim­it­ed to, trans­porta­tion, accom­mo­da­tion, food and drink, and all tax­es, fees, sur­charges, and/or gra­tu­ities are the sole respon­si­bil­i­ty of the artist.

3HAF is not respon­si­ble for any can­ce­la­tions, delays, diver­sions, sub­sti­tu­tions, errors, or changes in ser­vice.

Artists must sub­mit an entry form

III. Eli­gi­bil­i­ty and Spec­i­fi­ca­tions

Par­tic­i­pants are wel­come from all age groups but must sub­mit orig­i­nal work indi­vid­u­al­ly pro­duced

Par­tic­i­pants must be able to attend the judg­ing event on June 11th 2017 with their sub­mit­ted art­work

The con­test is exclu­sive­ly a paint­ing and draw­ing com­pe­ti­tion. Eli­gi­ble art­works are lim­it­ed to two-dimen­sion­al (2-D) paint­ings and draw­ings only. No print­mak­ing, pho­tog­ra­phy, col­lage, assem­blage, sculp­ture, relief, found object, or com­put­er-gen­er­at­ed works will be accept­ed for this com­pe­ti­tion.

The com­pe­ti­tion is lim­it­ed to one entry per artist. Sin­gle can­vas, no mul­ti­ple pieces.

The orig­i­nal art­work can­not exceed 1 metre on any side (includ­ing frame, if any).

Sub­mis­sions for the prize must be orig­i­nal work exe­cut­ed by the artist whose name appears on the sign up form. Any attempt by any entrant to sub­mit more than the stat­ed num­ber of entries will void entrant’s entries and entrant will be dis­qual­i­fied. If the iden­ti­ty of the indi­vid­ual who exe­cut­ed the art­work can­not be resolved to 3HAF sat­is­fac­tion, the affect­ed individual’s entry will be deemed inel­i­gi­ble. Eli­gi­bil­i­ty is con­tin­gent upon the artist’s agree­ment to grant to 3HAF a per­pet­u­al, roy­al­ty-free, non-exclu­sive lim­it­ed license that shall include the right to dis­play, copy, and dis­trib­ute the artist’s work, edit­ed or unedit­ed in any form or medi­um, in con­nec­tion with prize events. Artist retains all right, title, and inter­est in and to the orig­i­nal work of art and own­er­ship of copy­rights.

2-D paint­ings must be cre­at­ed with tra­di­tion­al paint medium(s) such as oil, acrylic, water­colour, pas­tels, or a com­bi­na­tion there­of and should be paint­ed on can­vas, linen, pan­el, paper, board, or sim­i­lar flat for­mats

2-D draw­ings must be cre­at­ed with tra­di­tion­al draw­ing medium(s) such as pen­cil, pen and ink, char­coal, or a com­bi­na­tion there­of and should be drawn on paper, pan­el, or board. Fram­ing is option­al.

Paint­ings or draw­ings sub­mit­ted on paper must be framed with glaz­ing (glass or Plex­i­glas); loose, exposed, or unpro­tect­ed paper works will be accept­ed at the artists risk

IV. Con­di­tions of Entry

Artists who wish to enter must either ful­ly com­plete an elec­tron­ic sign up form at www.3harbours.co.uk or at the venues iden­ti­fied at the fes­ti­val brochure fill out a paper form for sub­mis­sion along with the art.
All request­ed infor­ma­tion must be pro­vid­ed, and unin­tel­li­gi­ble entries; entries with incom­plete, invalid, incor­rect, or non­cur­rent infor­ma­tion will be dis­qual­i­fied

To be eli­gi­ble, entries must com­ply with the require­ments as stat­ed here­in. 3HAF has the right to dis­qual­i­fy any entry from the com­pe­ti­tion at any time, for any rea­son. Sub­mis­sions will be reviewed at any time to ensure com­pli­ance with con­test rules.

Any art­work that includes the use of bod­i­ly flu­ids, degra­da­tion of reli­gion or gov­ern­ment, and/or depic­tion of sex­u­al acts or any oth­er medi­um, pre­sen­ta­tion, or top­ic objec­tion­able to 3HAF will be auto­mat­i­cal­ly dis­qual­i­fied.

Should an entry be dis­qual­i­fied at any time dur­ing the com­pe­ti­tion, the expens­es are the respon­si­bil­i­ty of the artist.

Par­tic­i­pa­tion in the com­pe­ti­tion in any way con­sti­tutes entrant’s full and uncon­di­tion­al agree­ment to these Terms and Con­di­tions. The deci­sion of 3HAF on any and all mat­ters relat­ing to the com­pe­ti­tion will be final and bind­ing.

3HAF its agents, will not enter into any cor­re­spon­dence regard­ing such deci­sions.

By sub­mit­ting an entry you agree to, and by enter­ing you grant to, 3HAF per­pet­u­al, roy­al­ty-free, non-exclu­sive lim­it­ed license that shall include the right to dis­play, copy, and dis­trib­ute your work, edit­ed or unedit­ed in any form or medi­um.

This con­test is in no way spon­sored, endorsed, or admin­is­tered by, or asso­ci­at­ed with Face­book or any oth­er site or medi­um that might host con­tent where infor­ma­tion about this con­test is post­ed or pub­lished (col­lec­tive­ly “Con­tent Hosts”).

V. Judge

Judges (select­ed by 3HAF in its sole dis­cre­tion) will review the eli­gi­ble art sub­mit­ted.

VI. Com­pe­ti­tion Sub­mis­sion (Note: Not adher­ing to the fol­low­ing will result in dis­qual­i­fi­ca­tion):

All entries and the select­ed win­ner are sub­ject to eli­gi­bil­i­ty ver­i­fi­ca­tion. To be ver­i­fied as eli­gi­ble to receive the prize, each entry and/or the select­ed win­ner must con­tin­ue to com­ply with all the Terms and Con­di­tions, ful­fil all require­ments, and not be dis­qual­i­fied for any rea­son. An entrant is not a win­ner of any prize, even if noti­fied of being a win­ner, unless and until the entrant’s eli­gi­bil­i­ty has been ver­i­fied.

All jury deci­sions are final, and win­ner selec­tion is final sub­ject to the sat­is­fac­tion of these Terms and Con­di­tions.

Announce­ment of the prize win­ner will be made dur­ing the exhi­bi­tion.

Orig­i­nal art­work must be labelled with the finalist’s name, address, tele­phone num­ber, and title on the back. 3HAF and its agents will exer­cise rea­son­able care with the orig­i­nal art­work sub­mit­ted but will not be respon­si­ble for loss or dam­age what­so­ev­er to any work while in its cus­tody.

Orig­i­nal art­work must be sta­ble. No unsta­ble, loose pieces or frag­ile medi­ums will be accept­ed. While care will be used in han­dling the work, 3HAF (as defined below) are not respon­si­ble for loss­es or dam­ages to prop­er­ty. Artists may wish to insure their work based on its val­ue.

Entrees also agrees to be respon­si­ble for the cost asso­ci­at­ed with pick­ing up or oth­er­wise retriev­ing their sub­mis­sion after the gala.

VII. Indem­ni­fi­ca­tion and Lim­i­ta­tions of Lia­bil­i­ty

By enter­ing, each entrant agrees to release, dis­charge, indem­ni­fy, and hold harm­less, 3HAF, Face­book, Con­tent Hosts, and their respec­tive par­ent and affil­i­ate com­pa­nies and sub­sidiaries, includ­ing each company’s respec­tive offi­cers, direc­tors, employ­ees, agents, con­trac­tors, and sub­con­trac­tors and their imme­di­ate fam­i­lies (spouse or domes­tic part­ner, par­ents, sib­lings, chil­dren, and all of their respec­tive spous­es or domes­tic part­ners) and house­hold mem­bers of each such indi­vid­ual, and any and all oth­er com­pa­nies and indi­vid­u­als asso­ci­at­ed with this con­test (col­lec­tive­ly, the “Released Par­ties”) from and against any claim or cause of action relat­ed to, or aris­ing out of, this con­test. Pos­si­ble claims or caus­es of action include, but are not lim­it­ed to, infringe­ment of any right of pub­lic­i­ty or intel­lec­tu­al prop­er­ty; threat­ened or actu­al injury, loss, or dam­age to any per­son, includ­ing death and dis­abil­i­ty; defama­tion or por­tray­al in a false light (inten­tion­al and unin­ten­tion­al); and dam­age to or loss of prop­er­ty, aris­ing out of such entrant’s par­tic­i­pa­tion or receipt or use or mis­use of any prize. Released Par­ties are not respon­si­ble for tech­ni­cal fail­ures of any kind, tech­ni­cal or human error that may occur in the admin­is­tra­tion of this con­test, and any injury or dam­ages to per­sons or prop­er­ty that may be caused, indi­rect­ly or direct­ly, in whole or in part, from entrant’s par­tic­i­pa­tion in the con­test. IN NO EVENT WILL RELEASED PARTIES BE RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OR LOSSES OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES RELATED TO, OR ARISING OUT OF, THIS CONTEST.

VIII. Pub­lic­i­ty

Par­tic­i­pa­tion in this con­test con­sti­tutes any entry or win­ning entrant’s con­sent to 3HAF use of the entrant’s name, like­ness, pho­to­graph, voice, opin­ion, state­ments, bio­graph­i­cal infor­ma­tion, home­town, and their sub­mit­ted art­work, in any form or medi­um now known or here­after devel­oped, in per­pe­tu­ity, with­out fur­ther review, noti­fi­ca­tion, pay­ment, or con­sid­er­a­tion (unless pro­hib­it­ed by law).

IX. Dis­putes

3HAF reserves the right to can­cel, sus­pend, and/or mod­i­fy the 3HAF com­pe­ti­tion, or any part of it, if any fraud, tech­ni­cal fail­ure, tam­per­ing, com­put­er virus, or oth­er fac­tor, tech­ni­cal or oth­er­wise, beyond 3HAF rea­son­able con­trol, impairs 3HAF abil­i­ty to prop­er­ly con­duct the com­pe­ti­tion, as deter­mined by 3HAF in its sole dis­cre­tion and sub­ject to any law or reg­u­la­tion.

The inva­lid­i­ty or unen­force­abil­i­ty of any pro­vi­sion of these Terms and Con­di­tions shall not affect the valid­i­ty or enforce­abil­i­ty of any oth­er pro­vi­sion.