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Venue 1:

Light­house Cen­tral Com­mu­ni­ty Hub
West Loan, Pre­ston­pans EH32 9NT
Open: 11am to 5pm every day

Scott Bren­nan. Oil, acrylic, pas­tel.
Over the last two years, Scott has exhib­it­ed in a num­ber of local gal­leries and sold his work online. He loves the West­ern Isles, par­tic­u­lar­ly big skies and seas. He has his own stu­dio and web­site.


Venue 2:

Mill­wynd Stu­dio
Mill Wynd, 7 Kirk Street, Pre­ston­pans EH32 9EA

Open: 11am to 5pm every day

Mar­garet Gillies. Water­colour, acrylic.
I have made art all my life. Main­ly in paint but also tex­tile, ceram­ic and in pho­tographs.  My work includes land­scape, still life and fan­ta­sy. I will be exhibit­ing in my own stu­dio. Mill­wynd Stu­dio, off Kirk Street, Pre­ston­pans.


Venue 3:

Pre­ston­pans Com­mu­ni­ty Cen­tre
Pre­ston Road, Pre­ston­pans EH32 9QS

Open: 11am to 5pm every day

The Scot­tish Dias­po­ra Tapes­try. Embroidered/tapestry
Designed by Andrew Crum­my, and stitched by thou­sands of Scot­tish dias­po­ra stitch­ers across the globe from 34 coun­tries, cre­at­ing this 304 pan­el exhi­bi­tion telling their tales of migra­tion from Scot­land and life in their new world. The cafe is also open dur­ing the fes­ti­val.


Venue 4:

Cocken­zie Methodist Church
28 Edin­burgh Road, Cocken­zie EH32 0JA

Open: 11am to 5pm every day, except Sun­days only open 2–5pm

Sarah Sandow. Paint­ing.
I have exhib­it­ed at the 3 Har­bours Arts Fes­ti­val for the past four years.
I work in oil and acrylic, most­ly land­scape and fig­ure work.

Gor­don Hugh­es. Mixed Media.
This year my work will be of African ani­mals and land­scapes, plus a few odd boats. I’m real­ly look­ing for­ward to meet­ing old and new art lovers.

Jay Car­lyle. Mixed Media, Mono Print.
I am an ama­teur artist.  I work in mixed media (paint, print etc). I like to vary the sub­ject mat­ter — land­scape, fig­u­ra­tive and even some por­trai­ture. I make “artists’ books”.

Venue 5:

Seashore Gallery
3 Mar­shall Street, Cocken­zie EH32 0HT

Open: 11am to 5pm every day

Fiona Crom­bie. Paint­ings, ceram­ics, glass and jew­ellery.
Seashore Gallery is the work­ing stu­dio & gallery of glass artist and painter, Fiona Crom­bie. Ritchie Collins, Ron­nie Ful­ton & a vari­ety of artists join Fiona to exhib­it in the gallery to cre­ate a won­der­ful dis­play of art. Also ‘Drop-in’ fused glass work­shops run­ning dur­ing the fes­ti­val.


Venue 6:

Cocken­zie & Port Seton British Legion Lounge
West Har­bour Road, Cocken­zie EH32 0HX

Open: 11am to 5pm, week­ends only

Helen Wyl­lie. Print, Dig­i­tal.
I grew up admir­ing the Bass Rock and its friends from my Granny’s win­dow, and my sense of home is about the 3 peaks that sur­round me: Bass, Traprain & North Berwick. My prints are a com­bi­na­tion of vec­tor illus­tra­tion and paint­ed tex­tures.


Lin­da Lin­coln. Orig­i­nal Prints.
Lin­da is a self-taught artist and print­mak­er who has taught and demon­strat­ed in West Loth­i­an for many years.  Her inter­ests are var­ied but she loves colour and pat­tern and this is reflect­ed in all her work.


Lynsey Wil­son. Pho­tog­ra­phy.
I am a pho­tog­ra­ph­er and mak­er based in Port Seton. I grad­u­at­ed from Edin­burgh Col­lege of Art in 1997. I am rep­re­sent­ed in this exhi­bi­tion by a series of abstract pho­tographs of flow­ers and hand­made reversible wrap dress­es for girls.

Lucy Laid­law. Mixed media hand­craft­ed fairy char­ac­ters.
Scot­tish Fairies are delight­ful indi­vid­ual char­ac­ters beau­ti­ful­ly hand­made in Scot­land by Lucy Laid­law in more than 50 dif­fer­ent char­ac­ters. Choose from Scot­tish fairies & flower fairies to musi­cal fairies and fairies with crys­tals.


Ricky Hous­ton. Water­colour and Oil.
Ricky stud­ied Clau­dia Petret­ti life class­es and has exhib­it­ed in var­i­ous group shows.
Work­ing from life, land­scapes and fig­ure with an expres­sion­ist style, Edin­burgh town­scapes with vig­or­ous marks in line and colour on medi­um, paper, and board.

Venue 7:

Cocken­zie Old Parish Church Hall
44 High Street, Cocken­zie EH32 0HN

Open: 11am to 5pm every day, except Sun­days 2–5pm only

Show­ing: Boat­ie Blest Her­itage Exhi­bi­tion
Boat­ie Blest Her­itage is an annu­al exhi­bi­tion of the fish­ing and boat­build­ing her­itage of Cocken­zie and Port Seton. The dis­play includes an out­stand­ing dis­play of tra­di­tion­al­ly built mod­el boats as well as asso­ci­at­ed arte­facts, pho­tographs and paint­ings.

Venue 8:

4 New Street, Cocken­zie EH32 0HN
Open: 11am to 5pm, week­ends only

Ian Dar­ling. Acrylic.
I am a local artist. I work pre­dom­i­nant­ly in acrylics, using large blocks of colour to cre­ate a mood and then adding some detail in order to draw the view­er in, hope­ful­ly evok­ing a sense of enquiry and per­son­al reflec­tion about the scene.


Venue 9:

5 New Street, Cocken­zie EH32 0HN
Open: 11am to 5pm every­day

Alan Bra­by. Pen and Ink.
I am an archae­o­log­i­cal Illus­tra­tor
based in Cocken­zie.  My work is based on ancient arte­facts and sculp­tures.  Recent­ly, I have diver­si­fied into a more per­son­al style of art­work. This pri­mar­i­ly stems from a love of all things nau­ti­cal.


Venue 10:

Cocken­zie Busi­ness Cen­tre
Edin­burgh Rd, Cocken­zie EH32 0XL

Open: 11am to 5pm every­day

Pat Turquand. Acrylic.
Liv­ing in Port Seton, I’m attract­ed by strong colour and enjoy paint­ing in acrylics, which are so ver­sa­tile as well as for­giv­ing!

Len Cum­ming. Mosa­ic.
Retired and liv­ing in Edin­burgh. My work is inspired by pre­his­toric art: pic­tish sym­bols from stand­ing stones, cup and ring mark­ings engraved on rock, cave paint­ings, celtic art and a fas­ci­na­tion with stand­ing stones.


D Stu­art McCorkin­dale. Acrylic paint­ing, pas­tel draw­ings.
After teach­ing art and media, with a short time in busi­ness, I’ve now retired. My aim is to devel­op my own paint­ing and draw­ing.
The fes­ti­val is a great event for every­one, art mak­ers and the view­ing pub­lic alike. Enjoy.

Edd Welles­ley-Davies. Paint + Print.
Eddscape is an Edin­burgh based artist with a con­tem­po­rary strik­ing style.
He uses both tra­di­tion­al and mod­ern medi­ums, often com­bin­ing them to cre­ate work with an orig­i­nal and unique look. His work fea­tures land­scapes and urban scenes.


Stained Glass Club
The Stained Glass Club meets week­ly with mem­ber­ship now in excess of 54. This is not only due to the friend­ly and com­pan­ion­able atmos­phere, but the free­dom to express and pro­duce many dif­fer­ent styles of glass work.

Anne White. Water­colour, acrylic, oil orig­i­nals and prints.
Self-taught, my paint­ings are based on pho­tographs I have tak­en when observ­ing nature, cap­tur­ing the atmos­phere of the moment. I am inspired by the pow­er of the sea and by the sheer beau­ty cre­at­ed in chang­ing light and mood.

Gladys Bail­lie. Oil.
I would describe myself as an ama­teur painter. My style is quite tra­di­tion­al and tight, my favourite medi­um is oil and I love using bright autumn colours. Wher­ev­er pos­si­ble I will try to use con­trast between light and dark.

Adele Gre­go­ry. Pen­cil.
My “pen­cil paint­ings” use a vari­ety of tech­niques to re-cre­ate the dreamy, nos­tal­gic feel of ear­ly 19th cen­tu­ry pho­tographs and etch­ings. This series explores the light and tex­ture of rocks, sea and sand around the Forth at low tide.


Andrew Con­nell. Mixed.
Recent pieces com­bine con­ven­tion­al mate­ri­als in dif­fer­ent ways as a response to the sim­ple act of see­ing and the aware­ness of Parei­do­lia as a source of inspi­ra­tion in nature & com­mon­place sur­round­ings.

Dylan Bell. Oil and acrylic on wood.
I enjoy focus­ing on the geome­tries of our urban coast­line: its land­marks and reg­istry points. I love the open spaces and exper­i­ment­ing with a graph­ic style.


James McCann. Acrylic on can­vas.
James is a self-taught, Scot­tish artist work­ing main­ly with rur­al land-scapes with Munch influ­ences.

Venue 11:

27 Win­ton Park, Cocken­zie EH32 0JN
Open: 11am to 5pm every­day

Robert McColl. Ink, acrylic, fine lin­ers and oil paint.
Large­ly self-taught artist with an inter­est in the weird and macabre. Recent­ly work­ing with inks on pre­pared paper, and acrylic on tex­tured can­vas to cre­ate two series of works. Also show­ing one line obser­va­tion­al and life draw­ings.


Venue 12:

Chalmers Memo­r­i­al Church
Gos­ford Road, Port Seton EH32 0HG

Open: 11am to 5pm every­day

Janet McCror­ie. Mixed Media.
I paint Scot­tish dancers with a mod­ern twist, using mixed media to cap­ture the move­ment, the unique look of the tar­tan, and the vibrant colour. My aim is to invoke a sense of pride and  nos­tal­gia in the view­er.


Jill MacLeod. Acrylics.
My paint­ings are main­ly abstract inter­pre­ta­tions of coast­lines and land­scapes of the Loth­i­ans and Fife. Grad­u­at­ing from ECA in 2011, I work from my stu­dio in Stock­bridge and have exhib­it­ed in gal­leries in Edin­burgh and through­out Scot­land.


Don­na Ford. Mixed medi­um.
I paint and draw peo­ple. I’m inspired by peo­ple in my imme­di­ate envi­ron­ment, wher­ev­er that may be. Work­ing peo­ple are inspi­ra­tional because they are arti­sans of their craft.


Ker­ry Hen­der­son. Orig­i­nal, giclee prints and gift boxed mugs.
A local artist liv­ing in Pre­ston­pans, who loves to paint local scenes and peo­ple going about their dai­ly lives. Ker­ry wel­comes you to come and view her work of framed orig­i­nals, signed, lim­it­ed edi­tion giclee prints and print­ed gift boxed mugs.


Aman­da Owen­son. Water­colour, Ink.
Liv­ing in East Loth­i­an, my work was always going to be influ­enced by my favourite places. How­ev­er, I often
paint intu­itive­ly, and some­times don’t know what will end up on my paper. I use most­ly water­colour, but also like to use inks.


Rose­mary Ober­lan­der. Acrylics, pen and ink, mixed media.
I find the views of the sea, the sky and the coast par­tic­u­lar­ly inspir­ing, as well as the nat­ur­al forms of plants, whilst my archi­tec­tur­al train­ing means I also find inspi­ra­tion in the built envi­ron­ment.


Gillian Lee Smith. Oil and acrylic.
Por­traits and land­scapes in oils and acrylics. My work is all about con­nec­tion between peo­ple, the com­mu­ni­ties they live in, and their impact and rela­tion­ship to the land­scape that sur­rounds them. Har­bour towns and coastal com­mu­ni­ties.


David Smith. Wood turn­ing.
When I retired in 2011, I start­ed learn­ing how to turn wood. I work in my home work­shop and enjoy mak­ing a vari­ety of func­tion­al and dec­o­ra­tive items in this diverse and fas­ci­nat­ing medi­um. All items are for sale or com­mis­sion.

Amy Hooton. Mixed media based medi­ums.
Beau­ti­ful, excit­ing paint­ings, a flur­ry of colour­ful abstract­ed art depict­ing Scot­tish land­scapes, and your favourite ani­mals ren­dered with vibran­cy and char­ac­ter. Orig­i­nal paint­ings, giclée prints and cards by Scot­tish artist Amy Hooton.


Lau­ra Ren­nie. Pho­tog­ra­phy.
Lau­ra Ren­nie Pho­tog­ra­phy was estab­lished five years ago, the result of a pas­sion for tak­ing pho­tographs as a hob­by. I find enjoy­ment from cap­tur­ing the beau­ty of land­scapes and flow­ers and some­thing quirky or off the wall.


Patri­cia Kane. Acrylic.
Paint­ings in acrylic with per­haps some mixed media thrown in.  Most­ly still lifes or land­scapes often tend­ing towards the semi-abstract.

Venue 13:

The Har­bour Gallery
9 View­forth, Port Seton EH32 0DR

Open: 11am to 5pm every­day

Port Seton Gallery. Mixed.
Port Seton Gallery has a wide range of works by local artist in oils, water­colours, lith­o­graphs, etch­ings and draw­ings. We are the main gallery in East Loth­i­an who have works by John Bel­lany, the world renowned Port Seton born artist.


Venue 14:

Port Seton Com­mu­ni­ty Cen­tre
South Seton Park, Port Seton EH32 0BG

Open: 11am to 5pm every­day

Paint­ing and Draw­ing Class Exhi­bi­tion.
A vari­ety of paint­ings and draw­ings from the Adult Learn­ing Paint­ing & Draw­ing Class, as well as art from the var­i­ous youth groups that run in the Port Seton Cen­tre.


Library, Port Seton Com­mu­ni­ty Cen­tre
South Seton Park, Port Seton EH32 0BG

Open: Sats 10am-1pm, Mon 2–5pm, Tues + Fri 10am-1pm, 2–5pm, Thurs 2–7.30pm

East Coast Har­bours. Draw­ings.
View the draw­ings and his­to­ry of the East Coast Har­bours from St Andrews to Burn­mouth.

The café will be open from 10am-2pm Mon­day to Fri­day.